RUSUTSU RESORT (referred to as “the facility”) is to make a reservation when the customer uses the ski / snowboard of the facility by renting through website reservation system (referred to as this system)  Define the content as terms of use.

  1. Appointment application

This system allows customers to rent reservations for skiing and snowboarding directly throughout internet access. System available for all, registration of customer information is required for application for ski / snowboard rental reservation.

  1. About registering customer information

(1) Please enter the information necessary for registration from browser. E-mail address, required for registration. After completed for all filling out foams, a registration completion notification e-mail will be sent to the registered E-mail address.

(2) Free registration, there is no registration fee, no annual fee at all.

(3) Personal information you registered will be used for the following purposes.

(Main use purpose)

  • In order to deliver information on facilities operated by the facility and services, products, events, sales, campaigns etc. to be performed at hotels through means such as e-mail magazines · mailings.
  • In order to raise a response from the facility or hotel operated by the facility to your opinion or question.
  • In order to aggregate information statistically processed by customer’s information and use it for improvement of operation services.
  • We will contact you for items that have been rented for a term and important matters concerning rental operation services.
  • In other individual services, personal information may be used for purposes not listed above. In that case, we will post that according to each individual service.

(4) We will deal with the information of customers you registered based on rental service in facility Privacy Policy and our Amer Sports Company Privacy Policy. Please read the privacy policy of this facility and Amer Sports Japan Co., Ltd. from the following site (If you agree to these terms of service, you agree to these privacy policies).

Resort privacy policy

Amer Sports Japan Privacy Policy

  1. Application for reservation (Conclusion of use contract)

(1) Upon application of the reservation, the rental use contract of the facility will be established when the customer finally confirms the contents registered in this system.

(2) The use contract is directly connected between the customer and our facility. Regarding the rental use contract, it depends on the provision of the rental use contract of our facility.

Four. ReservationChanges / Cancel of booking contents

If all or part of the registration content has been changed, please contact the following inquiries directly. In addition, if you contact the following inquiries directly, the change cancellation notice will not be sent.

  1. Prohibited matter

In using this system, the following acts are prohibited.

(1) To make a false or unjustifiable offer upon reservation.

(2) To make a reservation without the consent of the principal on behalf of others.

(3) Act that unfairly interferes with the operation of this system, causes disadvantage to our company, or there is a fear thereof.

(4) Acts that infringe, inflict or damage the rights to other users or third parties

(5) To use this system for profit purposes such as resale, payment by paying, etc.

(6) Acts that violate public order and morals and laws, or acts that fear them

(7) In addition to each of the preceding items, acts that the facility deems inappropriate

  1. Consultative matter

Regarding the use of this system, if problems arise regarding matters not stipulated in this agreement, the parties will discuss in good faith and resolve.

  1. Contact Us

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