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Rusutsu Resort is a top-class powder snowy area in Hokkaido. You can enjoy fluffy and blissful powder snow with 95% air and only 5% moisture. Also, as there are few accommodation facilities at the foot against the size of the slopes, competition for powder is not intense. The slopes built by the professional snow groomed engineers. Everyday 11 pisten bully gloomers. Also, when the new powder snow falls on top of it in the morning, there is already a dream world! Hokkaido No.1's Big scale with 37 courses in all three mountains · Big slope with a total glide distance of 42 kilometers. The longest grooming runs about 3.5 km! bumps long course spans approximately 1 km!

About 90 minutes by car and bus from New Chitose Airport approximately 180 minutes by connecting from Haneda Airport approximately 195 minutes by transit from Chubu Airport approximately 210 minutes by transit from Kansai Airport Approximately 220 minutes by transfer from Fukuoka Airport from Shinkansen/Shin Hakodate Hokuto Station About 180 minutes by car / bus
It takes about 90 minutes by car to Sapporo by car 90 minutes to Otaru by car 90 minutes by car to Niseko 40 minutes by car


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Station offers with best menenanced equipment for enjoy skiing and snowboarding, Products handled by Salomon Station offer high-quality lineups unique to brand rental as well as latest items. * Advance model reservation for expert rental / free change deals are not available for pre booking site